Enrolments for the Sacraments in 2019

Confirmation, First Eucharist, and First Reconciliation

Dates for the above Sacraments have now been finalized.

Enrolments for Confirmation are from 1st March – until 25th of April, 2019.

Enrolments for First Eucharist – are from 1st May until 20th July, 2019

Enrolments for First Reconciliation – are from 1st September until 10th October, 2019

Parents who have children that are not attending our Local Catholic St Thomas More Primary School, and are attending our Parish are encouraged to express their intentions via an email to the parish office ASAP.

Typically children in :-
year 6 will be preparing to receive Confirmation,
year 3 First Eucharist and
year 2 First Reconciliation.

Parents are also encouraged to keep informed via a Parish Bulletin, and this Parish Website.